ANCI means ‘graceful woman’ in Nahuatl, indigenous Aztec language. It is a metamorphosis, which brings together diverse and ethnic communities with today’s urban culture. ANCI promotes craftsmanship, sustainability, consciousness, women empowerment, healing through craft, strength, and cultural heritage. 


Each piece is a one of a kind high-end handcrafted art piece, thought through with intense detail. A true labor of love that takes up to 9 hours to create. It reflects the inner peace of the artist and her deep connection to her subconscious as she creates a poem for anyone to wear. A wearable piece of art that makes you feel loved, powerful, beautiful and bold. 


The process behind the use of materials entails textiles from all over the world, ultrasuede, Swarovski crystals, Japanese seed beads, glass beads, and recycled materials. 


A person that wears ANCI is not afraid to take risks, is confident, conscious, graceful, and radiates passion. An individual who values artistic creativity and is willing to make a statement.


Art is love and love is art! 



Nelmir Guzman is a multicultural globe trotter artist. Born in San Francisco,CA from Mexican and Venezuelan descent, raised in Venezuela, Switzerland, and lived in France. Nelmir has always been an expressive, passionate, and curious person. A true artist at heart from a very young age, inspired by the rich cultural diversity of the world. Nelmir pursued her studies in Textile and Fashion Design at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco,CA. In 2017, Nelmir moved to NYC to pursue work in the fashion industry as a sample designer.


After traveling for the first time to Mexico as a young adult, she experienced an awakening; a deep rooted connection to her culture and ancestry. Respect and profound appreciation for their artistry and craftsmanship; the source to her art. Nelmir understood that indigenous art forms were sacred and seen as medicine to the soul. As she kept traveling to Mexico throughout the years and dug deeper into her ancestry and artistry, she manifested ANCI.